We have extensive international experience in several organizational, channel and emerging, high-growth in travels & Tourism market segments. Tourism & Travels provides knowledgeable consulting expertise to help position your company and products for the future. Tourism & Travels mission is to be a quality out-source provider offering a broad range of capabilities, in the most cost-effective and timely manner possible.
We provide cost-effective strategic marketing, sales, business development and International market entry consulting services to Travels and tourism companies throughout the middle east.

Our consulting services are designed to help our clients expand into new markets, reach their customers more effectively, enhance productivity and provide a substantial return on investment.

Development of new market assessments.

By identifying new technologies, we can help you in the positioning or re-positioning of your company to address the needs or emerging markets.

Securing of Strategic Relationships.

We have experience soliciting and securing both major sales /marketing and future opportunities.

International Market Entry.

In addressing the new requirements of a global economy, we are uniquely positioned to assist international companies in entering the Middle East.

Business Process Redesign.

This has brought dramatic performance improvement to a variety of organizations. We can streamline your work processes to eliminate waste and maximize profits.

Overall company business plans.

Our consultancy can compelling, dynamic and comprehensive that can justify entry into a market or be submitted to the venture capital community.

Implementation of corporate strategic plans.

Process Re-engineering, Business optimization and focused improvement
Delivering cost efficiency and revenue enhancement, and benchmarking performance against leading practice. These process-oriented services address:
  • Front office, including Customer Relationship Management
  • Back Office and Shared Services, including Finance, IT and Employees
  • No company is permanently and safely successful in today's environment. Conventional corporate structure is challenged to keep up with the rate of change in the marketplace. Creating a vision and a direction is more important than ever in Tourism & Travels helps clients review their organizations and core competencies. We assist in defining a vision, direction, and a set of attainable goals; the process of creating strategic business relationships between business partners with the ultimate goal of dramatically affecting the success of both parties.

    Services are at the heart of the Tourism & Travels approach to the marketplace. They enable us to identify and reuse best practices for the benefit of all our customers, and leverage our global knowledge and methodology to ensure leading edge, high quality delivery.

    Excellence in Delivery drives everything we do at Tourism & Travels. It is through outstanding delivery that we achieve the highest levels of client satisfaction in the industry. To make sure we’re always exceeding customer expectations we use a rigorous process from the beginning of each engagement to monitor satisfaction. They are the key to higher levels of productivity and quality for all our clients.

    Strategy and Transformation Services focus on helping our clients develop and implement business and technology strategies to enhance their performance. Our approach is unique in being based on the view that organizations need to take an integrated view of business and technology strategies, and that underlying technology architecture needs to be robust and flexible to accommodate the rapid changes and new opportunities inherent in today’s environment.

    Finance and Employee Transformation

  • With a decade of experience helping companies redefine and optimize support functions, we excel at helping you streamline operations and drive performance in Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, Knowledge Management and IT.

  • Organizational transformation and change management

  • Helping businesses effectively manage significant change, with a particular focus on the people aspects of major process and system transformation.Our project management methods, frameworks, tools and techniques support our experienced Program and Project Managers.
  • We offer a wide range of services individually tailored to our client's goals and objectives. We assign the most qualified senior-level consultant to each level of service offering to ensure your satisfaction and the most professional product possible. We have formulated strategies and tactics for many top-tier companies in the Middle East. Our range of services include:
  • Strategic Product & Positioning Marketing
  • Sales Consulting Services
  • Business Development Consulting Services
  • International Market Entry Consulting Service

  • Security Services.

    As the value of information has become widely understood, focus on providing appropriate security for that information has increased. However, the threats to information and systems continue to:
  • Turnaround Audits
  • Restructuring Concepts
  • Restructuring Implementations
  • Acquisitions and Sales
  • Due Diligence
  • Financial Analysis Modeling
  • Valuation
  • Synergy Audit

  • Corporate accountability and the demand for analytic solutions are increasing, along with the need to detect and respond to rapidly shifting market and world events. The latest generation of Business Intelligence offers a significant advantage as a platform for turning data from disparate sources into valuable business information for timely and strategic decision-making.

    Make Your Data Work for You

    Next generation Business Intelligence marks a shift from a collection of separate tools for specific user-groups to a" convergence" model. This approach blends transaction reporting, analytic reporting, ad hoc queries and managed spreadsheet analysis across a broad range of access points and methods tailored to individual users in all areas of the business.
  • Better performance monitoring and enterprise performance management
  • Empowering users at all levels of the organization to make quick, accurate decisions
  • Cost savings and lower Total Cost of Ownership through a decreased reliance on programmers
  • Improved quality and increased customer loyalty through better information exchange
  • Enhanced predictive capabilities

  • While our Services provide the skills, methodologies and experience to deliver solutions to our clients, we recognize the importance of a deep understanding of specific industry or sector issues and trends to maximize the value we deliver.

    Our group recognizes this in its matrix structure, whereby global communities of

    industry experts are grouped in a common organizational construct. In UAE we have designated industry experts who are well linked to these global communities, and provide both local industry expertise and access to global best practice and thought leadership.
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